Our Founder, Chelsea Lewis, envisioned creating an outlet for mothers that would unite them in interests and parenting. In 2014 she developed My Mommy Wisdom as a personal blog documenting her motherhood journey. As she continued to share her holistic ways of combating common ailments for her children; more and more mothers became intrigued with her products

To create a product line that gives mothers a peace of mind. We want to help expose our customers to holistic healing methods that are just as effective and more gentle for their children

My Mommy Wisdom is

more than a brand, we are a team of moms who want what's best for our children as well as yours

Our products are organic 100% plant-based. Each item is specially crafted and tested so that it is safe for pregnant

women and newborns

As moms ourselves, we

 conduct monthly observation studies on each product to ensure gentleness, safety and effectiveness for even newborns to use



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